This group of female filmmakers crowdfunded their way to taking back the VA House of Delegates last year

Sarah Ullman of One Vote At A Time shares the keys to successfully crowdfunding on Crowdpac

In 2016, after the Pulse nightclub shooting, a group of female filmmakers decided that they were tired of congressional inaction on tougher gun restrictions and were ready to take a stand.

They founded One Vote At A Time, a grassroots organization that directs and produces campaign ads for progressive, pro-gun-safety & pro-choice candidates up and down the ballot.

With the help of Crowdpac’s tools, One Vote At A Time was able to raise over $36,000 to fund the filming and distribution of campaign ads for targeted elections in Virginia using an all-female team of directors, cinematographers, and editors. They were able to surpass their initial goal, allowing them to make over 30 ads for 19 candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates — 10 of them won their elections.

Here’s how One Vote At A Time used Crowdpac to take back the Virginia House of Delegates

From the power of the direct ask to setting a fundraising deadline, Sarah Ullman, one of the organization’s founders, shared her tips for how to crowdfund & take advantage of Crowdpac’s unique tools. Check it out:

Sarah Ullman of One Vote At A Time on the keys to successfully crowdfunding on Crowdpac

According to Sarah:

“Last fall, we worked to get progressives elected across Virginia into the Virginia House of Delegates. But to do that, we needed to raise money to cover our start-up costs and produce the videos themselves. Crowdfunding through Crowdpac gave us the ultimate tool for tapping into a platform of donors across the country. Virginia is a bellwether state. By giving to our campaign, progressive donors everywhere could play their part in building momentum towards victory in the 2018 midterms.”

To date, One Vote At A Time has crowdfunded over $75,000 on Crowdpac. This year, they’re heading to Pennsylvania to make videos for 22 progressive candidates. You can check out their latest campaign here:

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