With Crowdpac, these surfers helped avoid a Democratic lockout in CA-48

Blue Uprising PAC crowdfunded a billboard to raise awareness of a potential double Republican ticket

More than half of Congress — even members representing Congressional Districts on the coast — are climate change deniers.

That’s why a group of surfers formed Blue Uprising, a PAC fighting for candidates who are willing to fight for coastal communities and against climate change. This year, they’re focusing their efforts on flipping four coastal congressional districts where a Republican won by a very small margin in 2016: CA-48, CA-49, VA-2 and FL-2.

In California’s 48th, that meant unseating Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, who has voted in favor of offshore drilling and prohibiting the EPA from regulating greenhouse gas emissions, has called climate change a fraud, and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from the oil industry.

But the Blue Uprising team realized that the race was not just about Rohrabacher. Rather, it was about a potential double Republican ticket, with Rohrabacher and Republican candidate Scott Baugh coming out on top in the state’s top-two jungle primary system.

“We all know who Dana Rohrabacher is — Russia’s favorite, and most effective, congressman. Now, we’re really concerned that his apprentice, Scott Baugh could possibly be his replacement. Southern California has a real risk of having only two options in the November elections, either a Russian intelligence source and advocate, or a man convicted of breaking nearly every single campaign finance law,” said William Rinehart, Director of Blue Uprising.

With Crowdpac’s tools, the PAC was able to raise the money necessary to launch a huge billboard campaign focusing on the connection between the two Republicans. The billboard was placed along the busy Harbor Boulevard in Santa Ana to target Orange County voters on their commutes.

The billboard displayed a row of Russian stacking dolls, or matryoshka. From left to right, in descending sizes, were Putin, Trump, Rohrabacher, Baugh and then a smaller version of Putin.

The billboard, alongside coordinated efforts with folks on the ground, helped coastal Orange County avoid a Rohrabacher-Baugh race.

In a huge win for ocean-lovers, environmentalists and progressives, the district will have either Hans Keirstead or Harley Rouda on the general election ticket — ensuring a progressive candidate is still in the running to take on Rohrabacher in November.

You can support Blue Uprising by donating to their campaign on Crowdpac:

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