Yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling just made it easier for states to make voting harder

Here’s how you can fight back against voter disenfranchisement

In a 5–4 split decision on Monday, the Supreme Court upheld Ohio Secretary State Jon Husted and his program of purging eligible voters from the rolls after a period of inactivity and a failure to respond to a piece of mail.

A 2016 Reuters study of Ohio’s policy found that “voters have been struck from the rolls in Democratic-leaning neighborhoods at roughly twice the rate as in Republican neighborhoods.”

In a dissent, Justice Sotomayor said the policy was part of “concerted state efforts to prevent minorities from voting and to undermine the efficacy of their votes…an unfortunate feature of our country’s history.”

With the Supreme Court decision upholding Secretary Husted’s actions, it’s more important than ever to help more folks vote and elect Secretaries of State who believe in making voting more accessible, not less.

Help Spread The Vote get voter IDs:

21 million eligible voters in America do not have photo ID – it takes time, money, transportation and a lot of paperwork to get an ID. That’s where Spread The Vote comes in. This 501(c)3 organization obtains government-issued photo IDs for eligible voters that they need for job, housing, voting, and more 365 days a year PLUS election day.

With politicians passing increasingly restrictive voting laws in the past decade, getting every eligible voter an ID is more important than ever. Help Spread the Vote ensure every voter’s voice is heard this year and beyond:

Help elect Progressive Secretaries of State:

Ohio’s purging of voters originates with its Republican Secretary of State. Other states may follow suit, but not if they have Secretaries of State who want more folks to vote, not less.

Heather Milam, Candidate for Alabama Secretary of State

“I’m a progressive candidate running for Alabama’s Secretary of State. I am passionate about voter rights and through my candidacy, I’ll seek to restore a commitment to serving the needs of qualified voters within the state.

“Voting is the cornerstone of democracy, and Alabama has immense historic significance as ground zero in the fight for voters’ rights and voter access. The leaders of the Civil Rights Movement stood up to intimidation and violence to demand their voting equality through peaceful but powerful action. This is our legacy in Alabama.”

Leslie Pico, Candidate for Arizona Secretary of State

“By voting against everything that is destroying our democracy today we will understand the power of our voices tomorrow.

“Voting should not be a burden. Technology changes minute by minute and so do the people who use it. We must keep ourselves at pace with what’s happening now and next, so we can eliminate the chaos being introduced in our current political climate.

“Join me and let’s prove together that government was meant for the people.”