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On 19 Oct, BikeSpot 2023 was launched on the lawns of Parliament House in Canberra alongside our project partners, the Amy Gillett Foundation and Minister Carol Brown. After previous projects in 2016 and 2020 in Victoria, we’ve expanded the BikeSpot map to include the whole of Australia. Everyone in the country can now share where they feel safe and unsafe riding their bike.

We know the biggest concern people have with riding a bike is associated with cycling safety. This has a major impact on their willingness to cycle. Research shows that 78 percent of people are interested in using a bike to get around, but are only comfortable riding in protected lanes.

Since launching, the BikeSpot map has so far received over 34,000 submissions (spots, comments, and supports) from across Australia. The interactive map is open for submissions until 31 January 2024. The data will then be analysed before reports are released and the de-identified data is made publicly available in mid-2024.

The interim data released for cities around the country show the top safe and unsafe riding locations so far.

New South Wales


The interim data for New South Wales is based on over 3,000 submissions.

The shared off-road path adjacent to Epping Road in Lane Cove features as the current location that feels most unsafe. The stretch is off-road but contains stressful moments at intersections where motor vehicles cut across the path to either turn into side streets from Epping Road or cut across the shared path to turn into Epping Road. Poor sight lines and lack of signage are also contributing factors to making this section of the path feel unsafe.

No bicycle infrastructure exists at all at the other top unsafe locations including Coward Street in Mascot, King Street in the city centre and West Street in Crows Nest.

The top 5 safe riding locations all exist where there is a separated cycleway. The Wilson Street Cycleway in Eveleigh is currently the number 1 safe spot. Other cycleways in the top 5 include Bourke Street (Surry Hills), Railway Parade (Eveleigh), George Street (Redfern) and the Alexandra Canal shared path (Tempe).

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Top unsafe spots:

  1. Harbour Street & Golf Club exit/entrance — Dangerous intersection
  2. Swan Street & Springhill Road/Corrimal Street Roundabout — Dangerous intersection
  3. Princess Hwy/Flinders St & Campbell St/Throsby Dr Roundabout — Dangerous intersection

Top safe spots:

  1. Smith St Pop-up Cycleway

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Top unsafe spots:

  1. Hunter St Trial Cycleway — Bike lane ends, bike lane blocked
  2. Selma Street & Maitland Road — Dangerous intersection

Top safe spots:

  1. Throsby Creek Cycleway

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The Victorian results are based on 10,000 submissions.

Seven of the top unsafe locations that were highlighted in BikeSpot three years ago have again made it into the top 10 places where cyclists felt most unsafe.

They include Chapel Street in Prahran/South Yarra, and Collins Street in the CBD, where there are narrow bike lanes and a risk of car dooring.

Hopkins Street, Footscray and Johnston Street, in Collingwood/Fitzroy — both busy thoroughfares without bike lanes — are also among as the most unsafe, along with the notorious Haymarket “roundabout of death” at the top of Elizabeth Street.

Canning St, St Kilda Rd and Heidelberg Rd were the top three nominated safe places to ride. The fully separated lanes on Heidelberg Rd bike were installed since BikeSpot 2020.

Victorian government monitors show the number of bike riders on St Kilda Road has increased threefold since the new bike lane opened earlier this year. But the stretch has also received the highest number of unsafe submissions, because of conflicts with motorists at intersections.

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Greater Geelong

Top unsafe spots:

  1. Gheringhap Street — vehicles blocking lane, bike lane ends
  2. Moorabool Street / Barrabool Road / Barwon Heads Road — Intersection
  3. Pakington Street — Too narrow, dangerous intersection
  4. Moorabool Street near Little Fyans Street — Dangerous intersection
  5. Grub Road / Shell Street / Thacker Street / Tuckfield Street, Ocean Grove — dangerous roundabout

Top safe spots:

  1. Malop Street — Separated bike lane
  2. Kilgour Street, near Gheringhap Street — Separated Crossing
  3. Ted Wilson Trail — Separated off-road path

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Top unsafe spots:

  1. 5 street roundabout — No bike infrastructure
  2. Chapel Street and Hargreaves Street — dangerous intersection
  3. Barnard Street — lack of separation, bike lane ends

Top safe spots:

  1. Back Creek Trail — Off-road path connecting into the city


Top unsafe spots:

  1. Sturt St & Dawson St intersection — No direct crossing
  2. Cameron St & Grant St Intersection — dangerous intersection
  3. Doveton St N / Market St / Creswick Rd / Webster St Roundabout — Traffic speed, no bike lane

Top safe spots:

  1. Sturt St bike path — Off-road path

Western Australia


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BikeSpot is a collaboration between CrowdSpot and the Amy Gillett Foundation to crowdsource the perceptions of cycling safety across Australia. The project is funded by the Australian Government as part of the Safe Cycling Program.