6 Lucky Ideas to get you through Midweek Madness

How many emails have you sent today? More importantly how many replies have you got? Have you got a low reply turnover? Feeling the pressure from other colleagues around you? In this post we’ll discuss some useful techniques to get you through the midweek, looking at communication, taking meetings & adrenaline fueled breaks.

Start off early

There are 1,440 minutes in the day. Seems a lot but, realistically there’s only so much you can control. The most difficult, yet crucial tactic to add to your day — waking up earlier than normal.

“Early bird catches the worm” Why not get off to fresh start? Allocate yourself at least 2 tasks at the earliest point in your day 1 psychical: whether it’s as simple as push ups or going out for a run and 1 work related. So get an early viewing of the news and subscribe to your industry’s trade magazine. Always stay in the loop, exciting a more creative workflow, helping you to continue through the week.

Remote Meetings

How not to start your day. Avoid in person meetings if possible. There’s nothing worse than the growing pressure of “corporate meetings” first thing in the morning.

Therefore, consider arranging remote meetings with your clients. Set your meeting rooms up with Skype and video conferencing technology. Spend less time worrying, with remote meetings there’s a level playing field. Both parties on home turf, with resources and other colleagues at their disposal.

Clear, Concise Communication

Communicate clearly with your team, meetings aren’t always necessary. Furthermore, remove corporate jargon from your emails. Focus on presenting a down to earth approach to messaging. We’d recommend using a tool like HipChat, a team based instant messaging tool, aimed at improving team cohesion and presenting tasks & files clearly throughout your team. Avoiding unnecessary email threads, increasing response time.

Maintaining social balance

In previous posts we’ve discussed spending more time alone during the day to remain productive. Which is important, because everybody needs their own space during the day. However, it’s important to find the perfect balance, liaise with your colleagues, even if you’re in separate departments. Get their opinion on something they’ve written. Spend time alone to focus on core tasks, whilst obtaining necessary opinions from colleagues.

Find your happy place

Meditation should be an important asset on your to do list. However, don’t be disheartened & assume all mediation is eyes closed and sat on the floor. Find your Zen; make time to relax. Meditation can include anything from short walks or yoga. Do whatever it takes to help you relax.

Add some exercise

Whilst you’ve put extra time into the morning schedule, take short necessary breaks throughout the day. Consider exercising more, keeping the adrenaline flowing is what increases your productivity throughout the day. In our office some members of our team go for a run in the morning or cycle to work. These are great ways to start of your day & push through the slow moving, midweek.