Copenhagen — the best place to live

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Sat in your office, 9 until 5 everyday, waiting for something magical to happen. Look no further than our energy travel guides. We are visiting different countries across the global, soaking in the picturesque surroundings, the culture and slightly differently how they’re taking measures to lower their carbon emissions & become a smarter city.

This week we’ll look at Denmark, more specifically Copenhagen. Similarly, we visited Amsterdam a few weeks back. You’ll notice a few environmental and innovative similarities between the two European smart hubs. From transport to carbon neutrality.

Offsetting steps

To begin with, as a Smart city they’ve obtained the top spot for the last few years now; with the lowest carbon footprint. Less than two tonnes per capita. Furthermore, they’re aiming for carbon neutrality by 2025–8 years away. Will they be the first smart city to achieve this? It looks likely, but will the Dutch take over?

Well they’ve taken some extreme measures to ensure they obtain this ambitious goal. They’ve set a number of targets such as energy efficient and renewable energy objectives, green building initiatives and increased access for public transit and cycles. By 2020 all new buildings should be completely carbon neutral.

Getting around

Furthermore, moving into transport methods and how tourists and locals get around this clean & renewable city. You won’t see SUVs and heavy duty vehicles cramming up the dual carriages in the busy city centre (in fact, there aren’t any!). This makes sure that their 2025 aims become more achievable, over 40% of all commutes in Copenhagen are by bicycle.

Add some innovation

Furthermore, to add some innovation. Back in 2014/5; a team from MIT in the USA and the city’s urban development team collaborated and developed a Smart bike which provides crucial information for the riders and developers explaining issues such as air contamination and traffic congestion.

It’s not just the culture and historical buildings that make Copenhagen the city that attracts 000's of visitors every year, it’s the sheer Smartness, innovation and experimentation that has presented Copenhagen as one of the best cities to live in over the last 5 years.