Cutback on the Carbs! Saving Office energy

So, you’ve just encountered your commercial office energy bill this month?

Much to your frustrations.

The cost is high.

…For a while now you’ve been struggling to maintain a stationary and efficient level of consumption.

Therefore, previously we’ve helped SMEs across different commercial sectors retail, public, medical and hospitality to start saving energy and reduce the overall cost of their monthly gas bills.

At Crown Gas & Power, we’re experienced in providing a cost-efficient & versatile gas solution for a vast array of Commercial, Industrial & Public sectors including:

  • Accountancy
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Haulage
  • Nursing & Care Homes
  • Education
  • Community Centres
  • Retail Park Developments
  • Business Parks
  • Large & small chain: Hotels, Restaurants & Public Houses
  • It doesn’t stop there…

In this post, we’ll focus on the office and how commercial enterprises can benefit from making cutbacks on their commercial energy bills. Whiltst further optimising their premises ready for the coming summer months.

Before we start with our crucial office energy saving tips. Let’s get some unanswered questions out of the way. It’s important to assess your daily schedule. How much energy do you actually need to use? Furthermore, start assessing the needs of your employees and customers and what they need in order to maintain a higher value and comfortable office environment.

For example, if you’re running an upmarket, High Street legal company you might have a week booked full of clients visiting. Therefore, you’ll notice an incline, with a proactive meeting room. Likewise, creating a comfortable atmosphere for your clientele and employees.

Here’s 7 questions that you will need to start asking yourself in order to start claiming a strong position to save commercial office energy.

  1. How many employees work in your office?
  2. Do you use all rooms or machinery in your office regularly?
  3. How long are your lights left on for and are they left on after hours?
  4. Are you using multiple electronic devices (heaters, chargers, laptops etc.)?
  5. How long is the air conditioner on during the summer?
  6. What type of atmosphere are your employees comfortable in?
  7. How many empty desks are there?

This post will provide businesses within the commercial sector assistance in saving energy. Including how to reduce their utility bills and how to empower your entire team to start saving energy.

Encourage more flexible working

During the day you’ll find that quite a lot of your energy usage comes from telephone chargers plugged in, unused electronic equipment, heating & air conditioning. Make sure the computers, telephones and other devices aren’t draining too much uneccessary power.

Furthermore, create a green plan. Start by encouraging your employees to cutback on the electricity, whilst maintaining productivity. Moreover you could even consider incorporating a flex-work scheme, allowing your

people the freedom to negotiate their own remote hours.

In addition, as summer is arriving incorporate a cycle to work scheme. Not only are there environmental benefits, but employees get tax benefits and they are able to keep fit throughout the week.

Did you know that employees can complete 13.5% more tasks in the freedom of remote working? (Harvard Business Review, 2014). The study completed in the USA discovered that $1,900 (approx £1,500) was saved on furniture and space. This emphasises how flexible and remote working provides an opportunity to save on general expenses and still maintaining higher producitivity.

Outsource an energy comparison & management consultant

Another great way to save energy is to arrange an energy audit with a consultant. They’ll give you a clear and concise insight not only into how much you spend. But, how much you could save on office energy & which contract suits you.

With Crown Gas & Power, we allow our customers to monitor their gas account online. Therefore, each customer would be able to benefit from monthly consumption charts and daily AMR & Smart data.

In contrast, before switching suppliers, it’s likely you’ll want to compare prices. So, instead of just getting a quote from an online comparison site; contact an Energy Consultant. Don’t just compare prices get a full energy audit.

Maintain / Replace old equipment

Keeping your office up to date is important. Create a smarter environment. When it comes to saving energy the most important element is maintaining control of your consumption. Simply by regularly auditing and checking how much you’re spending. Therefore, we’d suggest enquiring about the latest Smart and advanced metering; present energy with clarity.

Start saving office energy!

Once you’ve made an impact, taken a new approach to save energy; over the summer months you’ll start to notice a difference, hopefully a reduction in general business expenses. Start making a difference today, cut back on the carbs: regularly check your consumption and keep your office maintained to consume productively.

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