Energy travel guides: That’s over 5 Billion a year!

3,864,000 kWh per day!

Last week we discussed the picturesque landscapes and diverse cultures of rural China. Looking at where the money comes from and what differentiates them from standardised Western cultures we’re most familiar with. Something we’ll discover this week.

This week our Energy Travel Guide will visit the the USA. The first place on this weeks travel guide is New York & the landmark that we’ve chosen is Time Square. The bustling tourist and advertising capital of the United States. Despite the flashing imagery, flocking tourists & busy commuters, we’ll focus on the amount of energy consumed.

Did you know it takes 161 Megawatts to light up the streets of New York?

That’s probably enough to power 161,000 small offices or domestic properties; or even a small island. For 24 hr coverage that’s 3,864,000 kWh per day.
That’s also twice the amount of energy needed for the casinos of Las Vegas.
This also matches the amount of electricity needed to start a small thunderstorm.

That’s a lot of energy being pumped into the American tourism, advertising and television industries. Just think about how many people flock over to New York each year — it’s estimated at around 50,000,000.

That make’s 5,343,600,000 kWh a year. Now that’s a contract any electricity supplier would dream of…

Different to rural china and other developing regions, there’s a much larger difference from no central heating, a water pipe in the courtyard and the main transport being scooters. Instead they’re large electronic billboards, affluent commuters and yellow taxis.