Forbes 30 under 30 — New Energy Source?

Save your Iphone battery & money off your electric bills. The future?

There’s a lot we can take from millennials today’s. Whether it’s startup advice, tips on how to use social media, or even a new environmentally friendly way to charge your phone. The Forbes 30 under 30 this year has provided some motivation to improve energy efficiency. In this post we’ll look at some of the more unconventional ways to cut the cost of your utilities reducing unnecessary consumption.

Bioo Founders: Credit Forbes

New way to charge your phone

To begin with, a trio from Spain have come up with a mind blowing technique to charge your mobile phone and other portable devices. Simply, their idea came from plants; as it’s starts the process of photosynthesis the energy produced can be generated into mobile device power. Their product involves a plant pot (with a USB attached) which generates enough power to charge your mobile phone twice a day. In the last month, we discussed a series of weird renewable energy sources; this fits right into that bracket. Only this time, these Catalonia based entrepreneurs might have discovered a new way to save; cutting down on unnecessary energy consumption. Slightly better than & more attractive than the breathing approach.

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What could this mean for the future?

Each plant pot contains a usb port which connects to your mobile phone. Therefore, what if you were to run a number of this devices at once. Would you be able to add power to numerous devices such as televisions, or even lighting. Plants do bring life and light into the room, so perhaps with enhancements to the technology; with half a dozen plants in the room could these Spanish entrepreneurs be onto a winner with the future of renewable dual energy. Not just electricity but water included.

New device — Credit: Bioo