Gateway to the City

Help design I-85 Bridge that will serve as Charlotte’s grand entrance

You can help shape the design of the new gateway to Charlotte along I-85. The City of Charlotte is in the planning phase for the I-85 North Bridge, a proposed new street crossing I-85 north of W.T. Harris Boulevard, which will connect Research Drive to J.W. Clay Boulevard.

Learn more about the project from our city’s blog.

Dan Leaver, city project manager for i-85 bridge project

So, how should this grand entrance to our city look? Meet city project manager, Dan Leaver, who explains why you should weigh-in on this iconic bridge project. Dan has worked on several projects like this one for the city, including the newly finished University Pointe Boulevard bridge that also crosses I-85.

Dan, what led you to take in input from the community on the design concepts?

“We try to engage and get input from citizens on all projects and this one provided an additional opportunity to reach out. Given that this bridge will be a gateway feature into the city, we wanted to reach out to the citizens early and incorporate them into the process. We knew that to have the community embrace the design, they would need to have their voice heard.”

How will you use the feedback collected?

“We will see what people like best based on the feedback obtained, as well as the components of the design that helped shape their decision. Then we will take that information and look to incorporate it into the design. Budget will be a factor in what the final design will be, but we will strive to incorporate the design elements of the preferred concept into the design.”

What have you enjoyed most about this project so far?

“The interaction with the community. With all the collaboration we have had, my hope is that this translates into a project that the community and Charlotte as a whole is proud of.”

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