I Love My CLT

Placemaking shows your love for our city

Hit locally owned shops around Charlotte and you’ll find I ❤ CLT gear and pride almost anywhere. City government can also help you show the queen some love through the newly unveiled Charlotte Placemaking Hub. This website provides a one-stop shop for creative ideas to build some positive buzz for your neighborhood or streetscape through fun projects.

Decorative signage at Reid Park

What is the Placemaking Hub?

Charlotte’s Placemaking Hub provides an online toolkit for how residents of our city to enhance their neighborhoods through projects and activities the enhance streets and public spaces. You’ll be connected to ideas such as signal cabinets wraps, decorative signage, parklets, temporary events, and adopt a street programs. This includes things like decorative signal cabinet covers, decorative signs, parklets, temporary events and adopting a local street.

How do I get to the Placemaking Hub and what’s available?

Start by googling “City of Charlotte Placemaking Hub” or visiting charlottenc.gov/civicinnovation/placemaking. Once on the site, you can select from the menu of programs/activities that you might be interested in. The placemaking team has also listed some items that are “coming soon,” to include wall murals and paint the pavement, among others.

We highlight a few of the options you can jump right into, starting today!

Decorative Signal Cabinet Wraps

This kicked off with a pilot program on city maintained streets outside of the I-277 loop. So if you live near that area, there’s probably a signal cabinet near you, just waiting on a face lift!

The decorative covers provide neighborhoods and business districts the chance to show off their own unique style.

The application process starts with selecting cabinets as indicated on the Charlotte Traffic Signal Maintenance Responsibilities map on page 4 of the Signal Cabinet wraps document. Those that are city maintained are labeled in green and provide your options for submitting an application. ­­­­­

The Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) must approve the application based on their requirements and once approved, you can select an approved designer/contractor.

Get more details about the decorative cabinet wraps here.


Parklets provide another fun way to reclaim a small amount of public space by creating a small park as an extension of a sidewalk in an on-street parking space. They can be located in on-street parallel public parking spaces and are typically approved in areas with a speed limit of 35 or lower.

You’ll need to dive into the Pilot Parklet Program guide for a full list of requirements, but you can contact CDOT’s Right-Of-Way Management section to discuss your proposed site and the application process before you submit your application.

Get more details about parklets here.

Decorative Signs

Decorative signs and monuments can help define the areas of your neighborhood and promote your part of the community. You and your neighbors can apply for a Neighborhood Matching Grant through the city to potentially fund your sign project.

You’ll start by working with your community association to determine the boundaries of your neighborhood and mapping out your proposed location to submit to Charlotte Code Enforcement.

If the location where you’d like to place a sign is private property, you’ll need to secure a letter of permission from the property owner.

From there, you’ll just need to complete CDOT’s Decorative Signage agreement and submit it to the department along with a sketch of your design, the map and supporting letter (if needed). You’ll also need to notify all organizations and people near the proposed locations and supply a deadline to reject the proposal. CDOT will also need to receive documentation of that prior to providing a decision.

Get more details about decorative signs here.

You can learn more about how the city seeks to provide options for you to make your own part of Charlotte better by checking out our podcast on tactical urbanism. Don’t waste another moment, start planning your placemaking project today!