Why Should I Join a Coworking Space?

Adam Klecheski
Jul 30, 2018 · 3 min read

We all have that startup friend who works from their self-proclaimed “cool coworking space with vegan-friendly, organic, farm-to-table coffee and a foosball table”. It seems like a nice environment but isn’t it too distracting, I probably wont get any work done. And what if my stuff gets stolen, theres not enough security there like in my traditional office.

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The B-building rooftop terrace. Definitely a reason to join.

Security cameras and headphones are the solutions to those concerns. But, if you’re still wondering if you should join a coworking space, here are a couple reasons to consider it.

Coworking is Booming and You Can Benefit

It’s becoming more and more normal to work from a shared office, so we know the trend towards working from these spaces is continuing. There will even be an estimated 3.1 million people coworking in 2019.

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2018 Coworking Space Forecast from Small Business Labs

As more members join, an even larger amount of knowledge is accessible. People from different industries with a mix of professions and skills will all be in your immediate surroundings.

Lets say you need help with a marketing project, knowledge on legal issues or need to hire a freelance graphic designer. There’s a good chance someone with those skills is somewhere in your building. If not, they can help you find someone or refer you to a person in their network. This saves you time finding the person you need and creates a community that helps each other.

Special deal for members of WeWork to join OneFit in Amsterdam

Minimise Costs

Coworking spaces offer all the benefits of a fully serviced office but for a cheaper cost. Since costs for amenities are split between members it allows you to have a cheaper overall price for your desk or private office.

Rather than worry about furniture, internet and finding an actual location with a long contract, coworking offers you a simple plug and play subscription service.

Also, the highest cost for all startups is usually free in coworking space, coffee.

Many spaces also offer services and deals. These can range from discounts at local businesses and restaurants to cheaper deals on services like Amazon web services or gym subscriptions.

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Some Crown Spaces Members getting work done

Of course we cant forget the best reason to join coworking spaces. It’s not a real coworking space unless it has a foosball table or pool table, or any type of table game really.

Crown Spaces

A coworking and event space in the heart of Makati

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