A monument located outside of Old City Hall honors the lives of CMPD officers who lost their lives in the line of duty.

Shifting gears

Several Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) officers and friends will pay tribute to fallen officers on May 9 by embarking on a journey to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in the District of Columbia. The act of remembrance is a 9-year-old tradition, started after the tragic deaths of Officers Jeff Shelton and Sean Clark who lost their lives in the line of duty in on April 1, 2007.

The 500-mile trip from Charlotte to the nation’s capital — typically an eight-hour trip by car — is traveled by bike, transforming the journey into a four-day physical and emotional experience. For the cyclists, each mile is a tribute to officers Shelton and Clark, their families and their service to community.

“While we’re struggling hills. While we’re struggling miles. While we’re pushing ourselves harder and harder for every mile to make each day, we think about those officers who paid the ultimate sacrifice. “ — CMPD Sgt. Anne Linto

Watch the video below to learn more about their trip to D.C. and how the ride benefits young people interested in a career in law enforcement.

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