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A Productive Day in Germany

Meeting to Discuss Crown’s Future

An Apology

Firstly, I would like to make a public apology. While tensions were high in Discord after I submitted my proposal to take responsibility for technical development, I accused Crownfan of having an apathetic approach to getting Crown back on track. During our meeting, it became clear to me that it wasn’t a case of apathy on Jose’s part, more that I did not have full visibility of the sheer amount of time, effort and money that he had invested in Crown since I left the project in 2018. I was wrong to accuse Jose of this and I would like to publicly offer him my sincere apologies.

The Challenges

The first goal of the meeting was to discuss the main issues that affect the health of the Crown project today. Broadly speaking, all those in attendance were in agreement about what those issues are. In no particular order, we talked about the following:

  • Health of the Bittrex market.
  • Health of the DAO
  • Long term development strategy & vision.
  • Marketing resources.

A Common Goal

The group reached unanimous agreement about what our short term goal should be. To grow the value of the CRW DAO to a level that would sustain paying proper salaries to a full time dev team.

  • An increase to the number of tokens available in the governance fund.
  • More ambitious and intensive marketing across multiple channels.
  • To support and grow liquidity on the Bittrex market.
  • To identify and deliver a use case for Crown that is unique, useful and ensures that Crown offers something that other crypto projects do not.

The Plan

I agreed to rearrange resources within my company to ensure that Block Mechanic can focus 100% on the delivery of the Bitcoin Core and also agreed that instead of delivering three separate updates, that we would deliver one major update including all of the new features before the end of 2021. I’m happy to confirm that this arrangement has been funded and is already in progress.



Crown is a digital token and blockchain platform enabling independence serving individuals & businesses. We are focused on legal compliance and transparency utilizing our decentralized governance model.

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