Coinomi releases Desktop platform

Crown fully supported on Coinomi for Windows, Linux, and Mac

Beside the native Android and iOS support, CRW is included in the latest Coinomi Desktop release for Windows, Linux, and Mac

Coinomi has been the main mobile wallet for CRW users ever since CrownPay was migrated to this third party lite client. Crown is happy to announce that the cooperation with Coinomi now has been expanded to also be supported on their latest Desktop release for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Coinomi mobile app users can easily import their passphrases and enjoy Coinomi on full screen.

The Crown Community is very happy to be part of this new release and is looking forward to further collaborating with Coinomi, a project that has shown to be a motor for adoption of cryptocurrencies and a trusted resource for CRW users.

MacOS view of the Coinomi platform for Desktops
Coinomi is a pioneer multicoin wallet in which the users control their passphrases / seeds.

For more information, follow Coinomi Blog on Medium, @CoinomiWallet on Twitter, or visit to download the new release.

Enjoy this new application and feel free to reach out with feedback on your experience.

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