Critical update to v0.12.5.3

Update instructions to solve node freeze

All master- and systemnode owners are asked to update

After budget finalisation of this months’ superblock, the Crown network encountered a technical issue making the node network loop and fill up CPU usage on virtual machines until instance freeze.

This issue is now fixed with the v. patch and you can update your Crown software using the guide below.

For master- and systemnodes:

1. stop the crown client
sudo crown-cli stop

Or if that doesn’t work, try this
pkill -9 crownd

2. Enter your crown directory
cd /root/.crown/

3. Delete your .dat files
rm -rf budget-v2.dat budget.dat fee_estimates.dat instantsend.log ixcache.dat .lock mncache.dat mnpayments.dat peers.dat sncache.dat snpayments.dat database .lock

4. Use this command to update a 64x Linux VPS
sudo apt-get install curl -y && curl -s | bash -s

5. Use this command to start the client

For local wallets download the latest release here

If you require technical support, join us at

Thanks to Ashot for working all day long on fixing this.