Crown Core Mandatory Update

Release Notes and Update Instructions for Local and Remote Clients

Crown Core v0.12.5.2 release is a mandatory update

Release Notes

Crown Core v0.12.5.2 is the last planned release before Proof of Stake. It is a mandatory update. This release fixes the below explained issues:

New distribution 2.25 — Masternode / 0.45 — Systemnode / 1.8 — Miner / 1.5 — Decentralised Governance and Proposal System (DGPS)

Update Instructions

Protocol version is changed to 70054. This release is mandatory for the whole network. Please always back up your wallet.dat before proceeding to update the client.

sudo apt-get install curl -y && curl -s | bash -s


Please join if you require technical support.

Thank you for supporting the Crown project!

Your Crown Development Team