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Crown Core released

Recommended update to stabilize database sync

A new version of Crown Core has been released. It solves inconsistencies between the blocks database and the platform database by levelling out their contents before synchronising to the network.

It is now possible to quickly reindex the NFT database without having to reindex the whole blockchain. To do so you can run platformreindex in the wallet repair GUI. Alternatively, you can run the Crown software with the -platformreindex argument or by adding platformreindex=1 to the crown.conf file.

This update is recommended for users experiencing stuck wallets and for VPS providers that run large amounts of daemons.

Updating Windows and Mac

QT wallets will prompt automatically to download the new version next time they are started. The update procedure is the same as for the previous Emerald update:

  1. Download the file when prompted.
  2. Shutdown the wallet.
  3. Open the downloaded update. This will unzip it into a directory in your downloads folder. Navigate to the Crown-v0.14.0.2-Emerald\bin folder.
  4. Copy the executables over the old ones.
  5. Restart the wallet.


For masternodes, systemnodes and linux wallets the one line script to do all of the above is

sudo curl -s | bash -s

You can also download the new version on Github

Thanks for supporting the Crown project.




Crown is a digital token and blockchain platform enabling independence serving individuals & businesses. We are focused on legal compliance and transparency utilizing our decentralized governance model.

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