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Crown Core Team goes public with repositories and workflow

The Crown code is now publicly available in Gitlab

The Core Team is very focused on developing the Crown Platform. Currently the workflow and code that is written is stored on a private GitLab repository, and final versions are pushed to public GitHub repositories.

This setup using Gitlab started in November 2017 to customize our development processes, the focus of DevOps and continuous integration, and creation of an ecosystem for the future of the Crown software contribution.

Gitlab provides a variety of instruments for effective collaboration and it’s a community-driven project as Crown is, so we have a philosophy in common. The latest events with Microsoft buying Github have only ensured our choices.

However, as a community-driven project, we feel that this current approach can be improved. That is why from now on we are opening public access to the GitLab repositories and development workflow — for the community to watch the progress and have an opportunity to contribute.

These are the changes:

All projects are now available at and accessible without prior registration.

All repositories are still mirrored from Gitlab to Github and there are no plans to change this. This means will always be up to date, but we are not dependent on Github.

To contribute, one can additionally register on the main Crown Gitlab page

Join us on this exciting journey!

Sincerely, Crown Development Team



Crown is a digital token and blockchain platform enabling independence serving individuals & businesses. We are focused on legal compliance and transparency utilizing our decentralized governance model.

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