Crown Core Team sets up a CRW donation address

Photo by Chris Geirman on Unsplash

The 2018 crypto bear market has substantially decreased the value of the monthly Crown Superblock from which developers, community representatives and -managers, marketers, treasury, designers, support and other important core team roles, as well as infrastructure, such as servers, development tools, and community channels are funded. As a consequence, several members of the team are now working for free and some have reduced their CRW renumeration considerably in an effort to adapt to the situation.

As result of the purpose and intention of continuing to push the project, there are some important events this year that we need to attend. The upcoming on November 1st and 2nd, followed by our global community meeting on November 3rd are venues where we need to show strong presence.

The project needs to keep going and that is why the team in charge has decided to set up a voluntary donation address for anyone to be able to contribute and make our shared vision possible. After the Crown Community demonstrated its strength and commitment a few months ago, when nearly 200.000 CRW were raised to make the Proof of Stake change possible, we believe that now is the time to show our strength again!

Support CROWN/BTC: 16TiPT4jK1th7FdToXUCYP7fkgbqwVoJvy

The team will release reports showing how the CRW donated by the community were used.

Thank you for your continued support!

The Core Team