Crown Core v0.12.5 Release Notes

The Crown development team is excited to announce the release of Crown Core version! The new wallet is now available from:

You can also use Docker image to install and upgrade Crown software:
The last image is v0.12.5.0. More info is available in the repository


PLEASE NOTE: This is a mandatory update for both your local wallet and your Masternodes/Systemnodes! Wallets with version will NOT be able to connect to the network after July 27th, so make sure you update before then.

How to upgrade

Local wallets will be prompted to update automatically. Simply open your wallet, select your operating system and select download. Make sure to back-up your wallet.dat first!
The wallet download will include a bin and a lib folder. With the Crown wallet shut down, replace the old bin and lib folders with the ones you just downloaded. That’s all!

If you run a Masternode or a Systemnode, you will need to update those as well. Simply copy-and-paste the provided script into the terminal of your VPS and you’re done!

sudo apt-get install curl -y && curl -s | bash -s

After updating, make sure to check the status of your incentivized nodes by typing crown-cli masternode status or crown-cli systemnode status into the terminal of your VPS.


Should you need to contact support, you can find us through any of these media:

Mattermost —
Discord —
Telegram —
Website — — Support button (bottom right)
Email —


Please report bugs using the issue tracker in GitLab:

Notable changes

Crown InstantSend

We have made the decision to utilize our decentralized masternode network by introducing Crown InstantSend as our default transaction method. The default transaction method is now nearly instant (Confirmations through masternode consensus) when sending Crown from the Crown desktop wallet. Our transaction speed was already incredibly fast but now it’s even quicker.

The transaction fee for Crown InstantSend has been adjusted too. We decided that our transaction fee should not be higher than a regular transaction so we made it the same. Happy spending!

Crown Governance

We have managed to tackle some extremely complicated governance processes. The Dash governance protocol contained lots of code that could be improved upon — so we did just that!
These changes will not be noticeable to the average user, but rest assured that major improvements have been made under the hood:

  • All budget payments now occur on the superblock rather than each block after the superblock until all of the proposals are paid. This means that when the superblock hits, the winning miner for that block will create all of the payments for the winning proposals at once.
  • Users can no longer submit or vote on a proposal during budget finalization. When the superblock is 1440 blocks away, you will not be allowed to submit a new proposal or add new votes.
  • Finalized budgets are now voted on by Masternodes in a slightly different way. In the previous versions, when our governance system came to create the final budget to pay all of the proposals, all of the Masternodes had to compare the final budget with their own final budget and vote for the identical one. This vote is now done in a slightly different manner to allow Masternodes an easier comparison on the final budget and thus decrease the chance of differing budgets between Masternodes.

More details are available in the Crown improvement proposals repository:, change log

All issues included in the release are available in Gitlab

#88 Use InstantSend by default to validate transactions
#130 ‘Next Superblock’ label is not updated in GUI
#139 Order-agnostic comparison for Finalized budgets
#142 Prevent voting during budget finalization
#152 in wallet UI sorting by number value does not work correctly
#154 Pay budget payments in one block
#164 Remove old branches and tags
#165 Fix Dash copyright violations!
#167 Clean up docs in repository
#186 Rework — Change the alert that the user sees when attempting to submit votes after block 2880
#187 Tool — Create a tracking tool to see the distribution of votes through the testnet masternodes
#190 Wallet crashes when calculating score
#192 Don’t relay Instant Send transaction if ‘SPORK_2_INSTANTX’ is off
#137 #196 Automatic budget finalization
#197 Prevent users from preparing and submitting a new proposal within 1440 blocks of the superblock

Thank you for your continued support of the Crown Project!

The Crown Development Team