Crown development meeting minutes 09/01/2020

Just the facts, ma’am

Jan 9 · 2 min read

Present: Artem, Ashot, crowncoin-knight, walkjivefly, EdwardMorra

  1. Artem has been debugging and fixing problems in his local sandbox environment. He expects to be ready to move the code into public testnet week commencing Monday 13 January. Between now and then he will build the executables, write some usage instructions and create a video explaining how to use the sandbox environment. This last part is intended for application developers to be able to develop/test their application privately before releasing into the public testnet. He will push his remaining changes to Gitlab this weekend. The NFT percentage completion numbers are now
    * NFT Core — 100%
    * NFT Registration — 100%
    * NFT Protocols Registration — 99%
    * Bitcore NFT support for web-development — 40%
    Interested parties can see the current state of the code in the 234-simple-nf-token-protocol-registration-2 branch.
  2. Ashot has continued testing and fixing problems in a private 2-node testnet. He pushed a big commit a few days ago for an auxPoW problem. Everything is compiling again. He fixed a problem with sync failing after a halvening event. He still has some PoS issues and problems with the build environment to fix. He estimates the code completion at 75% ready for public testnet. Interested parties can see the current state of the code in the bitcoin-merge branch.
  3. Alexander a.k.a. Edwardmorra will be making some changes to the Gitlab “Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery” environment, so it will be ready for Ashot’s bitcoin-merge branch testing.

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Crown is a digital token and blockchain platform enabling independence serving individuals & businesses. We are focused on legal compliance and transparency utilizing our decentralized governance model.

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