Crown development meeting minutes 19/12/2019

Just the facts, ma’am

Dec 20, 2019 · 2 min read

Present: Artem, crowncoin-knight, walkjivefly

  1. Artem has only been able to spend a few hours on Crown this week, working on problems in his private sandbox environment before progressing to testnet. Consequently, the NFT percentage completion numbers remain as
    * NFT Core — 100%
    * NFT Registration — 100%
    * NFT Protocols Registration — 95%
    * Bitcore NFT support for web-development — 40%
    He didn’t make any commits this week. Interested parties can see the current state of the code in the 234-simple-nf-token-protocol-registration-2 branch.
  2. Ashot apologised for not being able to attend because he’s unwell. He sent a report saying he has fixed most of the recent compilation errors but still has work to do on some of the systemnode code and a few other areas have outstanding TODOs. He made one commit this week. Interested parties can see the current state of the code in the bitcoin-merge branch.
  3. Our Gitlab licence is due to expire on 20 December. We have a 58-seat “Ultimate” licence. This is the equivalent of the top-tier “Gold” licence for open-source projects and is a very valuable resource. Edward Morra from infrastructure has been trying to renew it. He has a merge-request open at Gitlab to and has sent a number of emails without much progress so far. There seems to be some confusion at their end whether renewals should be done via email or a merge request or both. We don’t know what functionality will be lost for the period the licence is expired if it doesn’t get renewed on time.
  4. Ashot submitted his proposal today and defunctec submitted one on behalf of Artem. There are roughly two days until the voting deadline. You can see all open proposals at
  5. There will be a development meeting as usual next week. A little thing like Christmas isn’t going to get in the way!

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Crown is a digital token and blockchain platform enabling independence serving individuals & businesses. We are focused on legal compliance and transparency utilizing our decentralized governance model.

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