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Codebase upgrade in testnet and other happenings

J. Herranz
Crown Platform
2 min readSep 16, 2020


Just the facts, bratan

New Website:
The new website was successfully released some weeks ago. Check it out here:

Codebase Upgrade:
During this time, Ashot has kept working on getting Crown Core ready for the new code including the bitcoin codebase upgrade. It is now almost ready for public testing after having solved several issues related to syncing and to early blocks containing NFTokens without NFProtocols (Artem released NFToken APIs first for testing and NFProtocol APIs in a latter update.

Upgraded Testnet:
Testnet is as of now syncing the blockchain and running and Ashot is fine-tuning the Systemnode and Masternode synchronisation processes. After these issues are solved and in the following days, the upgraded codebase will be available for further testing. Join the QA process if you are interested!

Version 0.14.2 running stable
Node providers report further network stabilisation thanks to the patch released a few months ago. Dozens of NF-Tokens are being registered daily. Crown Platform Monitor gives good insight into these informations:

The new Crown-Electrum code has a different derivation path when used with Trezor. If you are using the old derivation path, please leave a message in the testing electrum/bitcore Discord channel as indicated by

in his last development update:

Reward Sweeper
The code is ready and being built for the various OS’es with help of the community. Special thanks to #BernardCornfeld for supporting Adrian in this task.

The recent NFT news timestamping use case NewsBunker has incorporated a space resource accumulation game that awards CRW for playing and uses the NFToken framework for functionalities such as saving the game progress to the Crown blockchain to gain ubiquitous access and immutable in-game records. You can join the fun here:

You can also report bugs and feedback in the Crown SpaceCompany discord channel.

That’s all for now, thank you for supporting the Crown project!