Crown goes the extra mile with its new multilingual website is now available in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, German, Korean and Hindi.

Six new languages added to

Professionals and community members collaborate to use the Crown Proposal System

One of the main goals of Crown has always been the creation of an accessible, open and inclusive community where members can collaborate, help each other and thrive. With that in mind, after the initial release of Crown’s new website, we submitted a proposal to localize and translate it into several languages, and the community embraced the idea.

Thanks to the Crown Proposal System, the project was funded, and a team of professional translators specialized in web localization, proofreaders and community members was formed to tackle it. Their work was coordinated and supervised by the Crown Support Team and, while the deployment of the multilingual website was carried out by @mattblack.

Since this was a pilot project, we didn’t want to overdo it, so we chose just a handful of languages. The criteria followed to choose them were heavily influenced by our community base and their respective mother tongues: Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, German, Korean and Hindi. Additionally, we also had in mind other factors like the amount of people who speak those languages on a global scale or the potential exchanges in those regions with which Crown could start future fruitful collaborations. The idea was to cover as many regions as possible, so Crown’s vision and values could be shared all over the world. We are aware that many other languages could have been chosen, but again, this is a pilot project, so we sincerely hope that we’ve managed to hit the mark with this six-language sample.

This multilingual website is the result of a true collective effort. There were difficulties and setbacks on the way, but we had the unconditional and invaluable help of many people who put all their effort and enthusiasm into this project. Members of the Crown Community like @mattblack, @artem, @crowncoin_knight, @dari_rab and @monudeka, have played key roles in its development. Everyone came together to help.

Now that Crown’s multilingual website has been released, we would like to ask all members of the Crown Community who speak these languages to share their feedback with us and help us improve. We want every member of the community to feel at home, so more languages can be added in the future if needed. Just contact the Crown Translation Team and tell us which language you would like to see Crown’s website localized and translated into. Let your voice be heard and we’ll be there to listen.

When we say “accessible, open and inclusive” we mean it. Let’s continue building a community based on communication and understanding together!

By José H. (@crownfan) and Hristo O. (@crown_translator)

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