Crown High Priority Update: v0.12.5.1

Yesterday (July 31st) at around 7pm CEST, many nodes on the Crown network crashed. 
The crash was caused by a bug (see below for detailed information regarding the bug). 
After investigating, we implemented a hotfix and uploaded a new version: v0.12.5.1.

This is a high priority update
To avoid your wallet crashing, we recommend all Crown community members update their wallet and nodes as soon as possible.

Find the latest version at OR

How to upgrade

Local wallets will be prompted to update automatically. Simply open your wallet, select your operating system and select download. Make sure to back-up your wallet.dat first!
The wallet download will include a bin and a lib folder. With the Crown wallet shut down, replace the old bin and lib folders with the ones you just downloaded. That’s all!

If you run a Masternode or a Systemnode, you will need to update those as well. Simply copy-and-paste the provided script into the terminal of your VPS and you’re done!

sudo apt-get install curl -y && curl -s | bash -s

After updating, make sure to check the status of your incentivized nodes by typing crown-cli masternode status or crown-cli systemnode status into the terminal of your VPS.

Thank you,

The Crown Development Team

* The crash was caused by a bug in ‘ Masternode::CalculateScore’ method for a masternode that just received the necessary number of confirmations (15) to be considered a valid node. The bug was caused by access to a non-existing block in the chain (next block to be created). We believe this bug also exists in the upstream repository.

arith_uint256 CMasternode::CalculateScore(int64_t nBlockHeight)

// Find the block hash where tx got MASTERNODE_MIN_CONFIRMATIONS
CBlockIndex *pblockIndex = chainActive[GetInputHeight(vin) + MASTERNODE_MIN_CONFIRMATIONS — 1]; // ← Crash is here
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