Crown PoS explorer

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new block explorer for the Crown blockchain.

Based on the Iquidus explorer with MN-PoS enhancements by presstab

The new explorer is based on the popular Iquidus explorer and features changes to make it compatible with Crown MN-PoS format blocks. Another useful enhancement over the standard Iquidus explorer is the blocks summary on the main page.

There are two public instances available so far at

with the possibility of more in future.

Iquidus-based explorers offer a useful API for people interested in obtaining information about the underlying blockchain without having to run a daemon or wallet themselves. Watch out for a short Medium article describing a useful tool built on this functionality very soon!

The source code is available from a Github repository for anyone who wants to install their own instance or tinker with the code. There are quite a lot of configuration options to customise the appearance of the explorer and control such things as how many blocks or transactions it displays at one time without needing to mess with the code.

For anyone wanting an alternative view of the Crown blockchain, defunctec hosts a Crownified version of the RPC-ACE explorer. This exposes some information not available through other explorers. You can also find a link there to a Crown faucet.