Crown MN and SN rates of ROI

Some folks are obsessed with the ROI of their masternode coins. With Crown, they can feed their obsession twice since it has both masternodes and systemnodes which earn rewards. Both rates of ROI have received a boost following the recent switch from proof of work to proof of stake.

This table shows the actual annual ROI (in CRW) for both masternodes and systemnodes at block height 2,334,775 (April 17th, 2019).

By the time you read this the information will already be out of date but will be approximately correct for a while. It’s fairly easy to create a spreadsheet which can perform the calculations in real time.

NOTE: the ROI is calculated in terms of the cost in CRW of a masternode or systemnode. Calculating in fiat is problematic because you have two (or three if you don’t use USD) exchange rates to take into consideration (BTC-fiat and CRW-BTC and USD-your currency).

This is not a recommendation to buy Crown, does not constitute financial advice, blah blah blah. It’s simply a snapshot which encapsulates information that some people crave or find useful.