Crown Platform to launch custom Proof of Stake solution in Q4 2018

Paddington Software Services, lead by Presstab, hired to perform the task

Crown Community supported the move with overwhelming 436 Yeas / 19 Nays and over 175.000 CRW in donations

The new solution will be fully developed by December 2018

It is official. The Crown DAO has signed an agreement with Paddington Software Services LLC on July 18th to develop a unique Masternode and Systemnode based Proof of Stake consensus mechanism.

CEO and founder Tom Bradshaw, also known as Presstab, will be directing a team of experienced developers that will write and implement the new code in collaboration with the Crown Development Team, piloted by Artem Brazhnikov.

The software development plan consists of six milestones that will be delivered until December 2018. After a theoretical phase, in which specifications and the protocol will be prepared and approved, unit tests will start, culminating in testnet launch. Only then and after rigorous hardening of software design and security, the main network fork code will be developed and pushed.

The development process will start immediatly and the Crown Developers Team will publish additional information as the different phases are delivered.

“I am passionate about community funded projects and my whole team is looking forward to start the work on Crown.”

Tom and his team are excited to develop a unique Proof of Stake solution for the Crown Platform, where they will be investing their years of experience in PoS solutions including but not limited to projects like PIVX, SaLuS, StakeNet (XSN), Neutron (NTRN), and ColossusCoinXT (CLOX). Toms interest in macro economics and financial technology caused him to study and begin using Bitcoin and other digital currencies in 2012. Tom has provided analysis and development work for many digital currencies beyond the ones mentioned above. According to’s code search tool, fragments of Tom’s code appear in over 200 digital currencies. Tom recently designed and implemented the world’s first private proof of stake protocol, and is one of 8 contributors to libzerocoin, the primary implementation of the Zerocoin cryptographic scheme (according to over 1,600 code repositories use libzerocoin).

The implementation of a MN/SN based Proof of Stake is a further step towards making Crown Platform unique and fully community driven.

Thank you for being with us on this exciting journey.

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