Crown Platform Update January 2021

Progress on 0.21 BTC codebase upgrade, Deterministic Masternodes, NFT Transfer Framework, CO2 compensation measures

J. Herranz
Crown Platform
3 min readJan 19, 2021


The Crown codebase is being updated to the latest Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 code

The new year has started full of innovation and strategic plans at Crown Platform. Here is a brief summary of the fronts we are working on.

Crown Core codebase upgrade

As the newest Bitcoin software was recently officially released and after examining the previous RCs carefully together with our newly recruited Core Developer Barrystyle, we decided that a Bitcoin Core 0.17 update was not enough to keep on top of the innovation that Bitcoin is going through. Thus, we have been working on a codebase upgrade to the Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 code. It is the most mature and advanced code that Bitcoin has ever seen and once released it will put Crown back at the vanguard of the Masternode Proof of Stake coins. This upgrade will make the Crown network more consistent, fast, reliable and versatile.

Deterministic Masternodes and Systemnodes

As we have communicated in the Road to deterministic Masternodes and Systemnodes article series, we are in the process of updating the consensus model to allow for exact network interpretation of the MN and SN lists as well as enable added features for providers and users to delegate and distribute responsibilities and rewards. Read more on this topic here:

NFT Transfer Framework

The ability to lend, transfer, burn and update NFTs is a core part of our roadmap and strategy for 2021. The special TX framework that is being updated in parallel to the deterministic MN and SN consensus model development represents a deciding step towards enabling these features.

CO2 compensation measures

NFTree is a project that leverages the NFT Framework to tokenise and certify CO2 offset on the Crown blockchain. The Crown community has voted this initiative in through the Governance system and the next step is to tokenise the more than 25 hectares that will make the Crown Platform infrastructure CO2 neutral to a big extent. More information is available here:

Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for supporting the Crown Platform project.