Crown Spring Tour in Germany

May is proving to be an exciting month for the Crown Community, especially in Europe, since two of the major events of the year are taking place in Germany this month: #BTCM2018 and BlockShow Europe 2018. Both events bring together blockchain enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, developers, influencers, and experts of multiple other fields willing to share their knowledge, ideas and new projects pursuing the enhancement and implementation of blockchain technology. Crown will be sponsoring #BTCM2018 and exhibiting at BlockShow Europe 2018, with prominent members of our community participating and promoting actively the technology, vision, values, and potential of Crown.

Crown is a self-sustainable blockchain application platform for developers, merchants and communities that effectively creates a free and open-access decentralized sandbox economy, and an ecosystem for new projects that foster social and technological innovation. Community members can use the Crown Proposal System to share and fund their ideas or initiatives thanks to Crown’s cooperative governance structure, which uses 10% of each block reward to fund its own development, thus avoiding the need to rely on donations and pre-mined endowments, while dodging the limitations of centralized organisations. This distributed and cooperative approach goes against the sometimes shady and hermetic ICO models. Any member of Crown’s community who owns a Masternode can vote on proposals for changes to the network or for financing new projects, which allows them to have an impact on the direction of the Crown Platform every step of the way. A multidisciplinar delegation of the Crown Core Team will be highlighting all these features and more in this month’s upcoming events.

#BTCM2018 will be held in Essen by BlockchainHotel for two full days (from Friday, 25 May, to Saturday, 26 May) and will grant all participants the opportunity to make contacts and talk to over 70 international speakers face to face. There will be speeches, daily workshops, free-form gatherings for one-on-one or small-group discussions in the Essen Unperfekthaus, as well as an open-end Crypto-Party on both evenings.

Crown will be represented by four members of our community: Alex (Higherbridge), Roderic (Twister), Olya (riseandshine) and José (crownfan). They will give two talks, one in English and another in German, to raise consciousness and support for the Crown Platform.

Right after #BTCM2018, we head to BlockShow Europe 2018, held at the Estrel Hotel & Convention Center in Berlin on 28–29 May. More than 3,000 attendees, 150 exhibitors and 80 speakers from 50 countries will be there to share their insights on blockchain technology and innovation. Being one of the most well-known and reputable events at global and regional level, founders and members of many well-established blockchain projects will be there to showcase their solutions, which makes BlockShow one of the best choices for gaining visibility, promoting new projects and networking. Additionally, the BlockShow Oscar Start-up Competition will present several promising projects offering ground-breaking solutions for the prize of €50,000.

As exhibitor, Crown will have its own stand and a team of six members present, including lead developer (Artem Brazhnikov) and two of Crown’s co-founders and idea keepers (Jan Brody and Philip Major). This varied team will attend BlockShow to introduce the Crown Platform and CRW, get more global visibility, meet potential partners, strike deals and start new collaborations with private individuals and businesses alike.

We are very excited, and we are looking forward to these fantastic opportunities to promote the Crown Project! We hope to see you there and shape the future of blockchain together.

By José H. (@crownfan) and Hristo O. (@crown_translator)

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