Crown Update — Bit-Z Exchange Voting

With another week of platform development, Crown has arrived at the first exchange offer that we feel we can comfortably discuss openly without breaching any NDA or exchange listing process.

Bit-Z Voting Campaign

Crown has passed an initial code and project review by Bit-Z and will be available for voting in the next few weeks. Bit-Z is a top 10 exchange by volume that we would love to be listed on. We have prepared everything on our end to get listed and they are prepared to list us.

However, every project on their platform must go through a strict voting process. We will be required to get 1,000,000 VTC tokens in votes which can be acquired through registration and can also be purchased. This token is not to be confused with Vertcoin. This is an internal token that is part of their platform. This is not a competition, but a target goal aqcuisition. We will have one week to get the required votes. As part of this voting process we will be offering a significant CRW airdrop for everyone that signs up and votes for CRW. The airdrop will be conducted through the exchange and will be deposited directly into your wallet if the campaign is successful.

There are new rules as of March 27th that dictates that users on the exchange must be level 3 verified in order to vote. We ask that all of you that are interested in this listing to begin the verification process in preparation for this campaign.

Bit-Z Sign-up

We will have more details for you all as soon as they are available. As always follow us on Twitter, Mattermost, Discord or Telegram for the latest developments.

— Joe Connors

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