Crown v0.14 “Emerald” released

NFT Framework will activate on 24/03/2020

Mar 9 · 4 min read
Update your nodes! Old protocol cutoff on Tuesday 24th March at 6:00 am UTC

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Crown v0.14 “Emerald”. This is a major release and a mandatory upgrade. Crown Emerald includes the NFT Framework code. It is available for download here:

ALL nodes and wallets MUST upgrade before 06:00 UTC on 24 March 2020 or they will be cut off from the network. Any node rewards earned, or transactions initiated by previous version clients after that time will NOT be valid on the v0.14 network.

Users have approximately two full weeks, including two weekends to upgrade their nodes and wallets before the cutoff time.

The cutoff will be enforced by a protocol version upgrade which means masternodes and systemnodes must be restarted after upgrading them and the controlling wallet.

Please report bugs through the Help, Guides and Support board at the Crown Forum or through Discord:

How to upgrade

The next time your current (QT) wallet starts it should prompt you to download the update. The executables for Linux, Mac and Windows are available to download from Github.

Upgrade command for Linux wallets, masternodes and systemnodes:

sudo curl -s | bash -s

The basic upgrade procedure is to shutdown your existing version, replace the executable with the new version, and restart. This is true for wallets, masternodes and systemnodes. The exact procedure depends on how you setup the wallet and/or node in the first place. If you use a managed hosting service for your node(s), it is possible they will upgrade them for you, but you will need to upgrade your wallet.

You are recommended to upgrade the controlling wallet before upgrading any nodes in order to minimise the node downtime. The protocol version is changed in this release so you must issue a start command from the upgraded controlling wallet for any masternode or systemnode after upgrading the node.

When a large number of nodes concurrently go offline and come online again it can cause network instability. If you are a node operator or individual with a large number of nodes we ask you to upgrade them sequentially if possible, or in small batches of no more than five at a time, to reduce the risk of destabilising the chain.

What’s new — Crown Core v0.14 “Emerald” features

NFT framework

Crown Core v0.14 “Emerald” is the mainnet release of the non-fungible token (NFT) framework. We have worked long and hard to deliver this unique implementation. Our thanks go to developer Artem for his persistence and dedication, and to the Crown community for continuing to prioritise development funding through very lean times.

There are no changes to the consensus rules, superblock interval or node rewards in this release. The NFT framework provides two new RPCs to register and query NFT protocols and tokens, turning the Crown blockchain into an assetchain.

The NFT framework will be activated at 10:00 UTC on 24 March 2020, shortly after all old version nodes have been disconnected from the network. Until that time the new RPCs are disabled and will report the NFT framework is not yet active.

The new RPCs are:

  • nftproto which registers and queries NFT protocols.
  • nftoken which registers and queries individual non-fungible tokens.

More documentation on the NFT Framework is available here:

and here:

The framework is nothing without community and 3rd-party developer participation and utilisation. The very first NFT use-case, Crowncards, is ready to roll out the moment the framework comes online.

We described the idea in a recent Medium aticle and the originator, defunctec, has progressed to implementation. He has already taken orders which will be fulfilled as soon as the framework activates.

There are other use-cases in development which we hope will roll out in the days after the framework launch.

Other notable changes

  • A testnet version of the installation/update script, which simplifies setting up a bare testnet wallet or node.
  • Some enhancements to the script which simplify consolidating MN/SN rewards or other cases of multiple transactions sent to a single address.
  • environment creation and management script for testing independent of the public testnet.
  • Updated references to Crown Platform home URL wherever it is used in our Gitlab and Github repositories.
  • Updated mainnet seednodes.

Thank you for your continued support of the Crown Platform project.

Visit us at:

Chat with the Community through Telegram and Discord:

Crown Platform

Crown is a digital token and blockchain platform enabling…


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Crown is a digital token and blockchain platform enabling independence serving individuals & businesses. We are focused on legal compliance and transparency utilizing our decentralized governance model.

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