Crown Weekly Update February 21st, 2018

Release Date Set!

The date for our next release has been set! We chose to move the date to March 12th so that it can continue to be rigourously tested and to give time for our team to get situated back home after our meetup in Miami. This release will overhaul the wallet update and node creation process as well as various bug fixes to the governance system.

Fork Report

The fork report will be available early next week. It outlines in detail the reasons for the fork as well as everything that we can do to mitigate it from happening again. We look forward to sharing it with you all. Listing

If you don’t have enough CRW to buy a Systemnode or Masternode, you can now buy shares of a node through! The Crown community can now start Crown Hosted Masternodes or purchase shares in Crown Community Masternodes directly or through the Marketplace. This is a great opportunity to get more people involved in the community while securing the network.

New Crown Website

Our new website is looking great. At this point it is only a few weeks away and should play a huge role in taking us to the next level. It is a more streamlined and professional looking site that better communicates our values, who we are and what we are building. We look forward to sharing it with you all.

New Proposals

There are some great new proposals this month. These include a research paper, various conferences, sponsorships and events. Read through them and vote for the best ones before the superblock next week on February 28th.

Last week to enter our Systemnode Contest

It is the final week to get entries in for the contest. There is 500 CRW and 1 year of free hosting courtesy of up for grabs. Enter as many times as you can here!

Miami Community Meet-up

We have a major announcement to share at the community meetup March 3rd for everyone that attends. It is not exchange related (we will have news to share on that front soon), but it should play a major role in helping us reach our goals as a community. We will of course post about it after the announcement.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to tune in next week!

-Crown Core Team

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