Crown Weekly Update February 28th, 2018 — Miami Meetup!

Fork Report

The fork report is now available! Our developers have spent the past two months analyzing everything to put this together. It outlines exactly what happened and what we will do to prevent similar issues from coming up in the future. Feel free to review it and share your thoughts with us. You can review the report here.

CrownCentral Version 2.2

A new version of is now available! There is a brand new proposals page that allows you to view proposals along with a ton of other great data. If you use Crowncentral’s node monitor you will also now receive an email notification when a node goes offline. There is an improved dashboard to display information on the site and much more. Go check it out!

New Proposals

There are some great new proposals this month. These include a research paper, various conferences, sponsorships and events. Read through them here and let us know what you think.

Systemnode Contest

The contest ended yesterday and we have a winner. Congratulations to @Rastasefi on Twitter!

Miami Community Meet-up

Our team are all here or arriving in Miami. We have spent a lot of time organizing this event and we look forward to seeing you all. We are spending this valuable time together to hone in on everything we need to do to reach our ambitious 2018 goals.

We have a big announcement to share at this event for everyone that attends. It will play a major role in growing our community. If you need assistance with anything Crown related our support team will check up on everything periodically, but you may need to wait until after the event.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to tune in next week!

-Crown Core Team

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