December Development Update

MNPoS, Crown Platform, Community Projects, Christmas break

J. Herranz
Dec 17, 2018 · 4 min read
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Dear readers. There is a lot happening in the Crown ecosystem. Core workflow communication and discussions are open for anyone to join and follow at This article aims to be a digest.

Please note that most contributors will go on break for Christmas and New Year from 24th December until 2nd January

The development team is doing its best to keep up with the milestones and deadlines that were estimated internally, but the diversity and complexity of the operations, together with a lower team occupation, are going to delay the planned releases. As you may know, there are several development fronts open, which are being taken care of simultaneously, with one lead taking care of each part.

1) Maintenance and optimisation of the current Crown Core Code (ashot)
2) Development of Crown Platform Code (artem)
3) Crown Proof of Stake Code (presstab)


After development and release of the custom Masternode and Systemnode Proof of Stake solution, it is currently being tested in an autonomous testnet. Special thanks to Mark (walkjivefly) and defunctec for your continued testing efforts, and to the hosting services node-vps, nodesupply, and crownvps for providing free VPS to the testers.

The latest code is available on GitLab for analysis and testing:

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Current work is focused on Phase IV

Once the code is working smoothly in the separate environment and all the involved developers agree, it will be integrated into the testnet that includes the new address prefixes and the Crown Platform functionalities to be released simultaneously. The code will undergo an additional test run in this environment (Phase V) and then the development team will be able to set a date / blockheight for Phase VI, the main network fork.

The main network fork was originally planed for mid december, but errors encountered that needed tweaking, current progress, and lack of additional testing resources, have led to postponing this date: Artem’s new estimation for the custom MN/SN PoS solution to see the light in the Crown Core mainnet is end of January — begining of February.

We sincerely invite the testing community to intall the latest builds and deploy Master- and Systemnodes in order to familiarise with the new code and to grow the node amount in testnet so as to have the best possible testing environment.

Crown Platform

Crown Platform development continues as explained in previous reports. Artem is working on the NF token solution and Volodymyr has finished phase 1 of the Agents System. He is going to take a break and will return to work by the end of January. Zhanzhenzhen finished the prefix implementation in Bitcore and the testnet explorer has been deployed. His next task will be the javascript components of the API. Electrum prefixes were implemented by Sirak but could not be tested yet. Breadwallet implementation is pending, if any developer who reads this would like to engage in this task, you can contact Artem through Discord.

Maintenance of Crown Core

After releasing v0.12.5.2, there is an error that makes specially mining wallets freeze. Ashot has been tirelessly working on a patch that is being successfully tested at the moment and will be applied to mining nodes as soon as its stability is confirmed. If you are a miner and have been experiencing this behavior, please provide us with core dumps. Thank you for your help.

Community Projects

A new version of the CrownSupportBot for Telegram was released. It includes node monitoring and a Point of Sale beta which allows for instant conversion of fiat — crw rates, charging of these amounts, and confirmation of payment. To test these features join our Telegram group and PM @CrownSupportBot. Big thanks to @Yinta0 for his dedication creating and optimising this bot.

Concluding remarks

The financial situation in the cryptosphere has also affected Crown. Although most of 2018 the superblock and community were able to sustain development and active development continues, the rhythm will be adapted to the available resources. In September QA lead dzlbobo stopped working for Crown, and in December vshamray announced a break until end of January, while Artem announced that he will work part time until there is a market recovery. Current budget does not allow for full time occupation in a context of growing insecurity for those whose only earnings come from development work at Crown. Developers were only able to receive around 40% of the compensation they had requested for their November work, which led them to take this decision.

I would like to thank our developers for their dedication and perseverance, since despite the current market situation, they have stayed with Crown and continue working on achieving the set goals.

Crown Platform

Crown is a digital token and blockchain platform enabling…

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