Development Update October 2020

Bitcoin Codebase Testing, RenVM integration

J. Herranz
Crown Platform
2 min readOct 16, 2020


War in Armenia and CoVid-19? Not enough to stop Crown

Linux, Win and macOS builds are ready for testing the codebase upgrade. A list of all the upgrades has been handed out to several testers in order to go through them. The testing process will be structured in GitLab along with the development milestone for the Crown Core v0.15 release. If you want to participate in the testing you can engage by testing the NFT part of the code or going through the BIPs and upgrades that are contained between Bitcoin v0.10 and v0.17:

We are expecting a longer testing period as this is a full upgrade in which we add many new functionalities provided by the innovation of the Bitcoin code and polish the NFT Framework. We are committed to having a clean release to start 2021 smoothly. You can add issues and monitor the release workflow and tasks through the GitLab release milestone:

RenVM integration
The Crown code has been made compatible with RenVM by CrownCuba and a sandbox testing environment can be run to test the integration. CrownCuba has submitted a proposal to the Crown network explaining the integration and the next steps to take in order to be considered by

for addition. You can see and test the integration here:

You can read the RenVM integration proposal and vote for it on CrownCentral:

You can read in detail on RenVM Multichain here:

You can read on the process that would make CRW interoperable with Ethereum here:

Expect more updates soon. Thank you for supporting the Crown project.