Electrum-Crown Release

The electrum lightweight wallet has been released for Crown

Today Crown is releasing electrum-crown. It has been in the works for a while. This is the first proper release, not a beta. The team have been hard at work, and it’s finally done for the public! Electrum is available for all platforms (windows, mac, linux), so we hope you enjoy this release!

This release includes support for the Trezor hardware wallet. Once the Trezor firmware has support for Crown, you will be able to use your current Trezor with your electrum-crown to have that added protection to your funds.

The release of this client allows users to import crownpay/coinomi passphrases into the wallet to manage funds off your device, or if your device is broken you can import it into electrum-crown and easily recover your funds.

This is only one of many things to come — stay tuned for more releases of applications and use cases for your Crown!

Below are the links for the clients for the specified platforrms

Windows 32/64Bit
Linux 32/64Bit

Thank you for your continued support,
The Crown Development Team