Electrum-Crown Update

The popular lightweight wallet now supports CRW prefixes

  • Import crownpay / coinomi passphrases to recover funds
  • One step closer to Trezor
The electrum-crown wallet has been updated and is now compatible with the new CRW prefixes

Back in June 2018 the popular Bitcoin lightweight wallet Electrum was adapted to Crown. Changing address prefixes to [CRW] has required an update of the electrum-crown software. It is now ready to use!

Electrum allows users to import crownpay/coinomi passphrases into the wallet to manage funds off your device, or if your device is broken you can import it into electrum-crown and easily recover your funds.

This release includes support for the Trezor hardware wallet. Once the Trezor firmware has support for Crown, you will be able to use your current Trezor with your electrum-crown to have that added protection to your funds.

Electrum allows users to transact on the Crown network without downloading the blockchain.

You can download the crown-electrum client here:

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Thanks to Pawel Cioch for CRW address being also supported in the Coinomi recovery tool: