Jade Release on 28th of March

Version 0.13.0 includes the unique Proof of Stake solution and CRW prefixes

  • v. 0.13.0 will see the light on March 28th
  • Proof of Work will continue until block height 2.330.000. At this height, the first Proof of Stake block will be created.
  • Old nodes will be cut off at height 2.327.000
  • Old and new prefixes will work from March 28th on updated clients
The new version will be released on March 28th and the Proof of Stake switch will happen at block height 2.330.000 (approx. 2 weeks later).

We are extremely happy to announce that the Master- and Systemnode Proof of Stake solution is ready to be launched. Crown Jade (v0.13.0) also includes the release of unique CRW addresses.

Dates and block height

Crown Jade will be released on March 28th. From this moment on, clients can be updated to the new version. The network will have two weeks to update to v0.13.0. At block height 2.327.000, old nodes will be cut off. 3000 Blocks later, at height 2.330.000, the first Proof of Stake block will be produced. Block 2.330.000 is estimated to kick in between 11th and 12th of April.


Miners please take into account that after the Proof of Stake switch is completed, Proof of Work will cease to function on Crown Core. We sincerely thank you for securing the Crown network during these years and hope to keep you on board as PoS minters.

unique CRW address prefixes

Once users update to v 0.13.0, they will be able to receive CRW sent to old addresses from old wallets.

  • New wallets cannot send CRW to an old address.
  • Old wallets cannot send CRW to a new address.
  • If an updated wallet wants to send any amount of CRW to the old address it needs to be converted via Crown command line. For example:

crown-cli convertaddress 15bj2HB2UbmjEZgXyEW4M8MhUL5TXGCN8L Result CRWGZiLqSUbCTWkm3ABp5qpXdun2h8DJCKYF

If the equivalent new address of ‘15bj2HB2UbmjEZgXyEW4M8MhUL5TXGCN8L’ is

you can send CRW from the old wallet (v using ‘15bj2HB2UbmjEZgXyEW4M8MhUL5TXGCN8L’ 
and from new one (v 0.13.0) using ‘CRWGZiLqSUbCTWkm3ABp5qpXdun2h8DJCKYF’

Both old and new wallets will receive the CRW!

Unique CRW addresses will allow for future hardware wallet integrations such as Trezor and Ledger, a long awaited functionality.


Exchanges will update to the new version during the transition period. Please double check that you are using the correct address to deposit funds and do not hesitate to ask us or the exchanges questions. Security of the network and funds is number one priority and will be guaranteed during the entire process. Nevertheless, we recommend users to always do a test send first during this period to ensure that funds are being displayed in the interface of the exchanges.


Feel free to ask any questions on Discord or Telegram. The recommended channel is Discord, you can join using this link: https://discord.gg/Nr2Q7r

Major Milestone

Jade represents a major milestone that has been in the works for almost a year, since we first contacted Presstab and his team at Paddington Solutions. Crown Community is responsible for this success, since it has been supportive all the way from crowdfunding to patiently awaiting development, testing, and vulnerability fix of this unique and custom solution that puts the Crown project at the avant-garde of blockchain consensus algorithms.

Thank you, Crown Community! Thank you Ashot, Artem, and Presstab!