Mandatory Update to v0.13.2

Masternodes and Systemnodes are now solving blocks and staking on v0.13.2.0.

Update all clients to v0.13.2.0

If you are running v0.13.0.0 please update as soon as possible to v0.13.2.

The first attempt to transition to MNPoS failed due to the high difficulty of the last PoW block. Crown code lead Ashot solved the problem within 24 hours releasing v0.13.2, which adjusted difficulty and made it possible for the Master- and Systemnode network to start solving MNPoS blocks.

Please update your clients to v0.13.2.0.

Link to repository:

Script to update Master- and Systemnodes:

sudo apt-get install curl -y && curl -s | bash -s

For an simple explanation of MNPoS, read this article:

Join Discord for support:

Join the Crown Platform Telegram community:

More details will be published within the next days.

Thank you!