Mandatory Update v0.14.0.3

Chainstall at halving block 4199999 resolved. Please update all your nodes

J. Herranz
Crown Platform
1 min readJan 25, 2023


Please update all your nodes to v0.14.0.3. Then start Crown Core as usual. No further actions need to be performed for the wallet to sync to the network.

After updating all your nodes, start all your masternodes and systemnodes. You can see the current network height at Chainz.

The new code is available on Github:

You can directly download Crown Core for your OS by clicking the below links:

Linux 32

Linux 64


Win 64


Script to update Master- and Systemnodes:

sudo apt-get install curl -y && curl -s | bash -s

Join Discord for support:

Join the Crown Platform Telegram community:

More details will be published within the next days.

Thank you!