New release v0.13.4.0 incoming

We expect to release a new Crown wallet, v0.13.4.0 at some time during the week commencing 30 April 2019.

v0.13.4.0 will be an optional but recommended update

The non-mandatory upgrade will include 3 fixes:

  1. The eagerly awaited fix to the v0.13 sync problem. 
    This alone will make the update worth the effort of installing. Since the v0.13 update, a number of users have experienced very severe performance problems with syncing the blockchain. A number of workarounds were published, which successfully circumvented the problem for some of those users. Others continued to experience unacceptably slow syncing. Ashot and presstab have worked hard to identify and resolve the issue. 
    With the new update, everyone with a part-way decent internet connection should be able to complete a full sync in less than 4 hours.
  2. Incorrect display of rewards on the wallet summary screen.
    Rewards were showing as mature (available to spend and stake) before they actually were.
    Fresh masternode and systemnode rewards, and staking rewards will correctly show as “Pending” in the wallet summary screen until they receive the required 100 confirmations.
  3. Address labels.
    An oversight in the v0.13.0 release was the treatment of address labels in the wallet. A workaround was published which updated the labels for those who wanted to retain them, but it was cumbersome and more effort than everyone would have liked.
    Ashot is playing his cards close to his chest but the fix might involve starting the wallet once with the -upgradewallet option.

Although this is a non-mandatory update, we expect the majority of Crown holders will upgrade. There are still a number of v0.12.5.x nodes and wallets running and we hope these fixes will encourage those people to upgrade.

The network protocol version will not change again so it won’t be necessary to issue start-alias commands for masternodes or systemnodes if you have already upgraded to v0.13.2.0

When the patch is released we will publish a new article with the steps required to upgrade.