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2 min readAug 5, 2020



Newsbunker is a tool to stamp news articles you find important into the Crown blockchain for others to find, forever.

The code is PHP, applied to a plugin to work with Wordpress.

How to use it

  1. Navigate to
  2. Register for an account.
    You must provide a username, email address, password and a Crown address which you control. homepage with the Account pulldown activated
Select Register from the Account dropdown

2a. Enter your signup details. account registration page with required fields highlighted
Mandatory fields are usernname, email address, password and Crown address

2b. Your Crown address can be from any supported wallet, and should look something like this:

Enter a Crown address which you control

2c. Now wait for an email from us with an activation link. When it arrives, click the link.

3. Once registered click the “Stamp” link in the menu. home page menu bar with “Stamp” option highlighted

4. Now you can stamp news articles into the blockchain, replace the first “EDIT” with the headline and the second “EDIT” with the article URL and click submit. article stamp page with highlighted fields to change
Replace placeholders with headline and URL

5. Wait about a minute and then check to see if your news article was added to the chain by clicking “All News” from the menu. home page with “All News” option highlighted

6. Click the “ID” tab to arrange the latest news.

By default the newest article is at the bottom of the list


If NewsBunker becomes somewhat useful to people we will add a user rating system in which other users can rate content providers.

The tool records a link to the article, not the actual article, on the blockchain.

For more information check our FAQs.

Any illegitimate use of the site will result in your account being banned.

Enhancements are welcome at Github.