NFT Framework v0.13.9.3 released

The long awaited second part of the NFT framework has arrived in testnet

Jan 30 · 3 min read
Go register some assets!

Many months ago we released the first part of NFT framework into testnet with version At the time we expected to release the second part in September or October 2019. Unfortunately the long running crypto winter put a crimp in our plans. Fortunately our framework developer, Artem, has stuck with us and today we are finally releasing the second part of the NFT framework.

Recent community participants in Discord and Telegram know that the v0.13.9.1 code was actually available soon after last week’s development update meeting. Since then Artem has already fixed a couple of issues. He believes v0.13.9.3 is a solid basis for testers to begin thrashing and developers to begin building their applications.

In the last few days he has released three instructional videos, aimed at developers, explaining how to use the sandbox test system, how to register NFT protocols and how to query them. Yesterday he released some written documentation for those who prefer not to watch movies or who want to solidify their understanding of the new functionalities.

The release process has been something of a soft launch with no blaring marketing effort. We are saving that for the mainnet release.

Developers and experimenters have a choice of test environments. They can use private sandboxes which isolate their work from the world at large, or the public testnet which allows for wider participation. Artem expects most developers will want to begin their testing in sandboxes before deploying to a wider audience in testnet.

Community members interested in helping test the release are invited to do so in testnet. Questions and feedback are welcome through Discord (preferred) and Telegram. Bug reports directly in Gitlab are welcome too. If there’s an existing Gitlab issue you want to comment on, but you don’t have or don’t want to request a Gitlab account, you can use the gitlab-updater bot in Discord to add comments to it.

The more members who experiment with the new functionality, the more and the quicker we can find issues for Artem to address before the mainnet release. The code has already been fairly well tested so we’re not expecting to find any showstoppers. But the more people that play with it, the more chance we can find and fix minor issues ahead of the mainnet launch.

Executables for linux, Mac and Windows are available for download here.

The instruction video for sandbox use is here.

If you want to setup a new testnet wallet or node from scratch there is a simple variation of the normal installation/upgrade script which takes care of downloading the chain snapshot available here. Download it, make it executable and run it as

./ -b -c -j 7076

to install the linux-64 version and run it as a wallet.

If you already have a testnet wallet or node set up and simply want to update to v0.13.9.3 you can run the script with the -j 7076 option to download the current executables.

If you are reading this more than a few days after publication check in the #testing-nft channel in Discord for the correct job number to use since it may have changed.

Artem is keen to receive feedback and your comments, questions and suggestions are welcome. He’d also like to know whether you found the videos or the written guidelines more useful. The best place to give feedback is the #testing-nft channel in Discord.


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Crown Platform

Crown is a digital token and blockchain platform enabling independence serving individuals & businesses. We are focused on legal compliance and transparency utilizing our decentralized governance model.

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