Recommended update v0.13.4.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Crown v0.13.4.0. This is a recommended update.

May 13 · 6 min read
v0.13.4.0 is a recommended update for all users

What does it include?

It was originally planned to include three fixes but actually includes four and some enhancements:

  1. Incorrect display of rewards on the wallet summary screen.
    Rewards were showing as mature (available to spend and stake) before they actually were.
    Fresh masternode and systemnode rewards, and staking rewards now show as “Immature” in the wallet summary screen until they receive the required 100 confirmations.
  2. Address labels.
    Ashot has worked his magic in the wallet and old labels display correctly with no intervention from the user.
  3. CPU and memory usage.
    It became apparent during development that there was a bigger and more pressing problem than any of the preceding three. Nodes and wallets were using much more RAM and CPU than in v0.12.5.3. Depending on the hardware they were running on, nodes could exhaust the available RAM and crash themselves or even the VPS after a couple of days. Painstaking research showed the increase to be related to code hardening against one of the PoS attack vectors. Presstab reworked the code so that it still provides the same protection but at much lower resource cost.
  4. Installer enhancements.
    While waiting for the code fixes in v0.13.4 a number of workarounds for the sync and resource usage were deployed. Although they should no longer be required it was thought beneficial to provide easy access to them through the installation/update script. So the script now includes options to add the watchdog script to a new or existing node, to sync a node or wallet using the bootstrap, and to install a pipeline build.

I’m sold, how do I upgrade?

As always, the new release is a drop-in replacement. Essentially, make a backup of your wallet.dat, shutdown your wallet and node(s), replace the executables and restart. The details vary from platform to platform and environment.

Hosted node

If you use a hosted masternode/systemnode service they should take care of the node update for you. Since this is not a mandatory update you might need to ask them, but given the resource savings to be made by upgrading it’s likely they’ll be way ahead of you! You can update your node(s) before or after your wallet; the order is unimportant.

QT wallet

Restart the wallet and it should prompt you to download the update.

Self hosted node (linux) or a wallet

If you are already using the watchdog script you should disable it before upgrading (otherwise it could restart the node at an inopportune moment). See below.

sudo apt-get install curl -y && curl -s | bash -s

All environments

The network protocol version has not changed so it isn’t necessary to issue start-alias commands for masternodes or systemnodes if you have already upgraded to v0.13.2.0

What about the watchdog and bootstrap thingies?

The installation/update script has new options which could still be useful in certain circumstances. If you want to take advantage of them, we recommend you download the latest version of the script and run it directly (doing so gives you the most flexibility, but if that sounds too complicated see below).

Download the installer

You can use curl or wget. The following example uses curl. Put the installer somewhere in your path (/usr/local/bin is recommended) and make sure it is executable.

sudo curl -o /usr/local/bin/ chmod +x /usr/local/bin/


The watchdog as originally published ran every 15 minutes and did two things:

  1. Check free memory and restart crownd if it is “too low”.
crontab -e -w 1 -w 2


Syncing performance in the v0.13.4 update is vastly improved. Pretty much everyone should be able to sync a new node across the network, from scratch, in less than four hours. With a good internet connection, we saw several such syncs complete in less than two hours during testing. -c -b 

wait, there’s more!

Unless told otherwise the installer will fetch the latest release package from our Github mirror. There may be times when you want to use some other version, specifically a test version from a Gitlab pipeline build. A number of community members helped test this version before release and we’re grateful for their assistance. If you’d like to get involved and help with testing in future please get in touch via the #contributor-general channel in Discord. -j 6114 -j 6114 -c -b -w 1

Wrapping up

Thank you to everyone who has upgraded to v0.13.2 for your patience while we dealt with the glitches and performance issues. We recommend you update at your earliest convenience.

Crown Platform

Crown is a digital token and blockchain platform enabling independence serving individuals & businesses. We are focused on legal compliance and transparency utilizing our decentralized governance model.


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Crown Platform

Crown is a digital token and blockchain platform enabling independence serving individuals & businesses. We are focused on legal compliance and transparency utilizing our decentralized governance model.