Sin bin

A call for additional contributors

This was going to be a rah-rah and pom-poms post announcing Bittrex deposits and withdrawals being re-enabled. But then they disabled them again. They told us they had resolved whatever the problem was. Maybe they had, maybe they hadn’t, but their wallet is in maintenance again at the time of this writing. The way things have been going recently it could be up or down by the time you read this.

Up and down more often than an elevator; the Bittrex wallet

There is some good news on the exchange front, however: CryptoBridge reduced the number of confirmations required for CRW deposits from 100 to 20.

Help wanted

Crown is a truly decentralised organisation. There are two full-time paid developers, a handful of contributors who receive some compensation through the superblock for their efforts, a few more contributors who volunteer their time and energy, and everyone else.

There are rather more things that need doing than current contributors able to do them. We completed the second half of an update on our Bitcoin Forum announcement thread (“ANN”) today. Anything blatantly wrong was removed or corrected, the verbiage and a bunch of links were updated and all of the links checked to make sure they won’t Rickroll or 404 you or potential new investors.

Some of the links fell into the grey area of working but pointing to outdated content. They were relegated to a new section titled “sin bin”. And there they will stay until new (or the original) contributors update the content.

Become a contributor; update a sin bin item today!

If you’re a fluent speaker of one of those languages (or one we don’t already have) and you can spare the time to create a translation of the current version of the ANN thread we really would love to hear from you.

If you’re the original developer of one of the tools in the sin bin it would be great if you could update the tool to work with the current “Jade” (v0.13) code. Alternatively, if you (one of the everyone else) think you have the skills to update one of the tools please reach out to the original developers and offer to help, or let us know and we’ll try to hook you up.

Updating the ANN thread sin bin items is just one of the ways everyone else can become a contributor. Please contact us via Discord or Telegram to help out or to learn more.