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The Crown community in the Czech Republic meets again in Praha

A successful regional community meeting supports the direction of Crown towards a milestone NFT usecase. Here is the summary of the event.

Eight Crown community members had lunch and beer together in a cool restaurant in Prague 6 on December 7th 2019. Some of them travelled from different parts of the country like Pardubice, České Budějovice and Kutná Hora.

In a decentralised project like Crown, where contributors are dispersed all over the globe, travelling and accommodation costs, make it currently difficult for a global community to get together. That leaves more space for local communities to meet, share ideas and come up with ways to help the project from a regional perspective showing that decentralisation can be locally coordinated and directed towards a shared goal. If regional communities in their respective countries strive for goals which they think are important from their own perspective, the Crown blockchain will grow stronger.

The Czech guys walking out from the meeting

The Czech guys exchanged views on the current state of the blockchain industry. There was agreement that the entire sector is undergoing a major “cleaning” phase. The shut down of the Cryptobridge exchange was just a recent reminder. The time has come for blockchain projects and crypto currencies to show the world that their breakthrough technologies can be used by a wider audience. Crown should not rely on the recovery of the market, which might or might not come, that is something the community cannot influence. But what we can influence is to help build an application using the awaited Non-Fungible Tokens Framework, which our long-term tech lead Artem is hopefully about to finish within the upcoming Emerald release.

One of the use cases which was very intensively discussed during the meeting was Crown contributor’s Defuctec’s envisioned application aimed at the gaming and streaming industry. The Czech community thinks that a professionally executed application enabling gaming professionals to tokenise in game items, could open the doors for a strong global use case in the heart of an emerging multi billion USD industry. We have agreed, that it would be beneficial to assist Defunctec to secure funding for his idea, so the application can be developed and launched. Crown needs to prove that its NFT direction was the right step. Ideally by launching an NFT application in a sexy sector where fast adoption is likely: in this respect we agree that the streaming industry might meet this criteria. It is to be noted, that the fundraising help does not automatically guarantee that it will be a success.

Crown needs a successful application running on its NFT framework, will this one be it?

The Czech community agreed to put together a fundraiser, which will be managed by long term Czech contributor Martin @M4RT1N_81. The eight guys who attended the meeting will donate 50k CRW to this address managed by Martin: CRWLHAPGJaqvqZH8DHmuttRymeQnJgAX59Zp. The fund will be used to support any future giveaways, bounties or simply support other communities. This initiative is here to complement and always respect the Superblock, which has unfortunately decreased in value due to the altcoin bear market, and sometimes it is not able to cover all submitted proposals.

Contributors @Miras and @Holoubek are working on videos about Crown in Czech language. They were inspired by the recent and awesome video of the Cuban community. The format is about introducing Crown to the local audience in Czech language based on the FAQ article put together by the community. Holoubek has experience in making awesome videos and he has even won a local video competition. Stay tuned!

Another key Czech contributor David_CRW, who has helped a lot with MNPoS testing, offered help to test the latest NFT framework once it is pushed to testnet by Artem. Fingers crossed, testnet will arrive soon.



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