Where’s Bittrex?

And other gossip on 11 May 2019

The Crown wallet is in maintenance at Bittrex once again. Trading is still possible but deposits and withdrawals are suspended. It has been in and out of maintenance since the successful switch to PoS. This is not a reflection of a problem with Crown but with their internal systems and processes. It is incredibly frustrating and Crown is not the only coin affected in this way. In the last few weeks they have suspended many masternode coins or PIVX and its forks more than once. Yet there are no news articles on their website or explanations given. They rarely tell us any more than they tell the public at large because the reasons are routine or possibly security related.

We recommend never holding coins on any centralised exchange unless you will be trading them in the next few minutes. If you are sending coins to an exchange to trade make sure you follow the exchange deposit instructions very carefully, including creating a new deposit address and not using an old address. Send a small amount (perhaps 1 CRW, but check the minimum deposit amounts for your specific exchange) and make sure it credits to your account before sending the rest. We are unable to help if you send coins to a wrong address. Likewise, when withdrawing create a new receiving address, and withdraw a small amount (again, perhaps 1 CRW) to check it works before doing your main withdrawal. If you have any problems sending CRW to or from an exchange contact their support as soon as possible with as many details of the transfer as possible.

Where’s Artem?

Some users have noticed that Artem appears to have disappeared from Discord and Telegram. Huh, who’s Artem? Artem is one of our principal developers and currently engrossed in developing our NFT (Non-Fungible Token) framework. He’s still there in Discord and Telegram but under the name daelankane. Nope, we don’t know why either.

v0.13.4.0 testing

We really wanted to release v0.13.4.0 yesterday so that people could update “at leisure” over the weekend. But had we done so the release candidate would have had less than 24 hours testing. Although we’re happy this release candidate solves the problems which prevented the release in the week of 30 April, we wanted to properly make sure. It definitely is looking very good and we’re confident we will release it on Monday 13 May.

One of our tests involved a full sync from scratch on a VPS with 1GB RAM and zero swap (we definitely don’t recommend running this setup “for real”). It completed without any problems in around 90 minutes.

Full sync from scratch in less than 90 minutes on a server with 1 GB RAM and zero swap!

Huh, what’s all that green screen stuff? That’s two terminal windows, the top one monitoring the tail of the debug.log (representing sync progress), and the bottom one running “top” (you’re right, I should have stacked the windows the other way!) and showing the resource usage. It’s basically good news for anyone who has had sync issues or nodes crash due to memory problems.

While you’re enjoying the rest of the weekend we’ll be dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s to ensure a trouble-free release of v0.13.4.0 on Monday.

That’s all folks!

Feel free to join us in Discord or Telegram if you have any comments, questions, or gossip to share.