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Are you ready to spend a few minutes with stories about life as we age? If so, be prepared to shake your head in agreement at the observations shared on these pages. Be prepared as well to start laughing or to feel your sense of injustice provoked. If retirement is on your mind, you’ll find people sharing their experiences, both good and not so great.

If you’re a Crow’s Feet writer, or would like to become one, please read the updated guidelines on our Submissions page. We’ve changed a couple of requirements, including a limit on accepting articles previously published on Medium. We’re also putting greater emphasis on the importance of proofreading your material before submitting it, correcting typos and style issues. The proofreading section has all the style guidelines we use.

Now, let’s get on with this week’s stories.

Our Stories

How Our Memories Serve Us. True or not, they play a role in how we see ourselves as we age. By Nancy Peckenham

Blackberries and Cream: A Sweet Memory with Thorns. The brain on blackberries. Could be dangerous. Works for me. By Julia E Hubbel

The Ostrich. A position no yogini ever recommends. By Nalini MacNab

Twilight Years. Wait, what twilight years? By Linda C Smith

What Parts of You Should You Leave Behind? Covid, quarantine and a brand new life are forcing that question. What parts of an old life belong in this new one? By Julia E Hubbel

Opening Doors. Living small, or large, in my sixties. By Judah Leblang

One Man Plans. Figuring out the next chapter in middle age. By Judah Leblang

An Octogenarian Speaks. So listen up, kids. By Tom Phillips


Open letter: On reaching level 50. I have now reached level 50 in Life by Deity Systems. And I have a complaint. By Karl Hodge

Apps Are Us. How my phone became my BFF. By Eileen Vorbach Collins

My Date Thanked Me For Not Murdering Her. I told her, “I only murder on the second Tuesday of the fifth week of the thirteenth month.” By Charles H. Roast

The Postmaster Made My Town Disappear. Not to worry, he gave me a new one. By Brian Dickens Barrabee

Old Cars from the 50s and 60s. What cars did you drive? By Mary McGrathP

Favorite Board Games from the 50’s and 60’s. What were some of your favorites? By Mary McGrath


I Retired and I Miss My Colleagues from Work. It feels good to belong to something and hurts to give it up. By Orrin Onken

Things I’ve Noticed Now That I’m Retired. I could give a !*-3j;!*& about certain things! By Mary McGrath

The Stranger in My Living Room. You’ve changed since you retired. By Mary McGrath

The Jobs I Took After Retiring from My Career. “It has to be fun” was my motto for almost fifteen years. By Carole Olsen

My Studio is Up and Ready to Go. Dispatches from the little retirement homestead in a mobile home park. By Jean Crawford Evans


It’s Only Impossible Once.Release expectations and do it. By Louise Foerster

Being in a Physical Rehab Hospital is Causing Me to Say Things My Sweet Little Grandmother Said. Maybe it’s from being surrounded by people even older than me. By Carol Lennox

The Older I Get, The Less I Can Focus. Living With ADD As a Senior. By Ruby Lee

Why I Drink Diet Cola. I drink diet cola, because I want to lose weight and it tastes good. By Carol Seymour

My Hard of Hearing Life. Sudden hearing loss in middle age. By Judah LeblangPublished on Jul 15

Stroke is a Bully. Fighting a losing battle in the schoolyard of Dad’s brain. By Marne Platt

Five Lessons From My Visit to a Nursing Home. My perspective as a 20-something. By Destiny S. Harris


Volunteering for the Over-60’s. Exciting opportunities you might not have thought about. By Carol Price

Four Simple Ways for Seniors to Avoid Scammers. We are no fools! By Greta Dias

Marketing to Seniors Is a Joke. Seniors deserve better. By Carol Price

Final Words

This Seventyish Couple Eats Their Way Through an Anti-Inflammatory Menu for Three Days. With excellent results and we’re glad it’s over. By Jean Anne Feldeisen

A Seventyish Woman Wants to Stand Beside Men in the Fight for Equal Rights.Men intrigue me and often touch my heart. By Jean Anne Feldeisen

A 70ish Woman Remembers: Three Men Who Blessed my Life as a Young Woman.They made a big contribution to the person I am today. By Jean Anne Feldeisen

Magic Words for Millennials. What they long to hear from us Boomers. By Cindy Shore Smith

Because I Said So and Other Parenting Strategies of the Past. And why I did not become a nun. By Catherine Dunn

Moments That Make Life.People make our lives richer and our time here worth living. By Catherine Dunn

When I Die, I Don’t Care If You Fight Over My Money. Establishing the will, trust, and related documents. By Destiny S. Harris

Layers of Seniority with A Vision of the Past: Do You Have an Optimistic Future? I’ve been a Senior three times and getting better at it. By Lee J. Bentch

The Nut Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree in My Family. Free Love and the Age of Aquarius Was Not Ok In My Small Southern Town in the 1970s. By Ruby Lee

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“The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.” (Frank Lloyd Wright) Non-fiction pieces, personal essays and occasional poems that explore how we feel about how we age and offer tips for getting the most out of life.

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Journalist, editor, mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, adventurer, history-lover. Editor of Crow’s Feet